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eLearning Authoring Tool Comparison


Over 13 years’ experience and innovative excellence towards eLearning content and technology development has led the team at eNyota Learning to envision, plan, and develop yet another product aimed at serving the eLearning space. Innovation stems from passion, and this is our contribution to what we’re passionate about.


We are proud to announce the availability of ABARA AUTHOR, an eLearning content authoring tool for corporates, media development agencies, trainers, students, and eLearning enthusiasts.


ABARA AUTHOR is built on the principles of simplicity, positive user-experience, value-for-money, and maximum resourcefulness. When comparing authoring tools, ABARA AUTHOR easily manages to set itself apart.


Ease in Operability and Usage

ABARA AUTHOR is an easy-to-use authoring tool minus the steep learning curve present with most others on the market. Authors do not need extensive expertise in coding, instructional designing, or SCORM development. ABARA AUTHOR successfully minimizes a 5-member-team operation down to a single author.


Mobile Ready by Design

To further simplify course authoring, ABARA AUTHOR presents content developers with 15 templates optimized for mobile and tablet views. Authors choose templates and create responsive eLearning courses with ease.


Designed for Everybody

ABARA AUTHOR is a simplified tool designed for authors of all skill levels. Trainers, instructional designers, and subject matter experts can leverage ABARA AUTHOR’s template-based approach to create eLearning courses within hours and not days.


Courses that Engage Learners

Simple to use does not mean boring. ABARA AUTHOR’s outputs are interactive, audio synched, and assessment based, which makes it an authoring tool capable of providing outputs that are engaging.


Share and Transfer Courses

Authors can share ongoing projects with other authors to edit, add, and change content.


With such abilities and more, ABARA AUTHOR is a go-to tool for professionals interested in developing eLearning courses for corporate use or reselling purposes and for those who prefer the ease of slide-based development and quick implementation.


ABARA AUTHOR is currently available to test. Go ahead and activate you free trial today!