Abara Author is a cloud-based course authoring tool that allows you create multi-device eLearning courses incredibly quickly. These courses are template-based and present authors with a range of options to create great looking courses with no design or programming skills. Abara Author allows you to quickly author mobile responsive courses to reach a wider audience-base on their mobile phones.


Abara Author allows authors to add learning objects like images, audio, and video files using a variety of templates to help increase learner engagement.


The interactive and responsive nature of Abara Author courses gives your learners the ability to access stunning courses anytime, anywhere.


Abara Author is a complete eLearning course creation solution hosted in a cloud server to be accessed and managed remotely. You do not need to install it on your machine. Instead, access it online through a username and a password.

Abara Author‘s PURPOSE IS TO:

  • Move your PPT-based training material into SCORM compliant courses
  • Convert non-interactive content into interactive courses
  • Convert non audio-based courses into animated audio-based courses
  • Track learner progress by publishing SCORM compliant courses.
  • Reach a wider audience by publishing courses accessible on mobile phones
  • Develop micro-learning courses for consistent and sustainable delivery of bite-sized training
  • Convert old Flash-based content into HTML5 courses ready for the LMS
  • Create multi-lingual courses for all left-to-right languages


  • Cloud hosted authoring
  • Template library with 15 read-to-use templates
  • Audio synching abilities to increase engagement levels
  • Asset library feature to store media formats
  • Sharing and transferring of courses to other authors based on the
    plan selected
  • Multiple authors based on the plan selected
  • SCORM 1.2 and 2004 courses with HTML5 outputs
  • Ability to brand and watermark courses
  • Controlled content sequencing to decide the order of the content your learners view
  • Support courses with reference material in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and
    PDF formats
  • Emulator mode to view course outputs for multiple devices and dimensions


Abara Author published courses are HTML5 and are compatible with both iOS and Windows web browsers and mobile applications.


    1. Google Chrome (65 and above)—Best experience
    2. Firefox (64 and above)
  • iOS

    1. Google Chrome (65 and above)—Best experience
    2. Firefox (64 and above)
    3. Safari (latest version)

    1. Safari in Apple iOS 11 and above
    2. Google Chrome in Apple iOS 11 and above
    3. Google Chrome in Android OS 5 or later